Licensing Requirements and Equivalence Standards


To practice optometry in Quebec, you must be a member of the Ordre des optométristes du Québec (the Order). To be issued a permit to practice optometry and be registered on the Roll of the Order, you must meet at least one of the following conditions:

-Diploma equivalence is granted to individuals who have a doctorate in optometry from an institution accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education and have passed a comprehensive examination on the knowledge and skills acquired in an educational program leading to that diploma (see the "GRADUATES AND OPTOMETRISTS FROM CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES" section).
- In the case of other diplomas or educational programs, equivalence may be granted if the requirements of the regulation are satisfied, after a review of the file (see the "GRADUATES FROM FRANCE" and "INTERNATIONAL GRADUATES" sections).


Furthermore, to be issued a permit to practice, candidates must also meet the language requirements regarding sufficient knowledge of French, as well as certain administrative requirements (such as paying their professional dues and holding professional liability insurance).


Finally, it should be noted that some situations are likely to lead to a refusal to issue a permit to candidates or register them on the Roll, such as when candidates have obtained their diploma more than 3 years prior to the date of their permit application or when they have a criminal record that is incompatible with the practice of optometry.


The following laws and regulations apply to the issue of a permit to practice optometry and to registration on the Roll of the Ordre des optométristes du Québec: