Graduates from France

To be authorized to practice optometry in Quebec, optometrists who have completed the Master of Vision Science at Université Paris-Sud can generally obtain a permit from the Ordre des optométristes du Québec on the basis of partial diploma equivalence. Here are the details:




Recognized diplomas

(generally partial equivalence)

  • Candidates who have completed the Master of Vision Science at Université Paris-Sud, including the Master 3 at the Université de Montréal’s School of Optometry (ÉOUM), are generally granted partial equivalence and must successfully complete a bridging program.


  • However, candidates who have obtained a Master of Vision Science from Université Paris-Sud, but not the Master 2 from the ÉOUM, are not necessarily granted equivalence. Equivalence may only be granted after the file is reviewed and based on the results of the placement test. If partial equivalence is granted, a bridging program is required.
Other requirements
  • A bridging program, including the Canadian Assessment of Competence in Optometry (CACO), must be passed.
  • The required documents must be submitted.
  • The required fees must be paid.
  • The information session on ethical aspects of practicing optometry in Quebec must be attended.
  • The language requirements must be met, as appropriate

Usual bridging program content

(may vary depending on the candidate's profile)

A minimum of 40 credits, including the following courses:

  • Ocular microbiology and immunology
  • Physiology of the eye
  • Sensorial adaptations to strabismus
  • Oculomotor imbalances (2 courses)
  • Ocular health: (2 courses)
  • Optometry management/legal issues
  • Case study
  • Pediatric optometry: genetic and congenital anomalies, clinical examination of young children
  • Geriatric optometry: aging of structures and specific examination
  • Visual rehabilitation and impairment: low vision examination
  • Preparation for the comprehensive examination

Carefully read the information about the diploma and training equivalence recognition process and the language requirements.

Fill out and submit the appropriate form to the Order along with a cheque and the other required documents. For more details on the required documents, see the “Documents that must be submitted” section.


Furthermore, some training activities in optics are not generally recognized as equivalent for the purposes of issuing a permit to practice optometry. Here are the details:




Examples of French diplomas that are not recognized
  • BTS d’opticien-lunetier
  • Licence professionnelle d’optique