Trouver un optométriste optométriste

Filing an application

Documents to submit

1.  The application must complete and submit to the Order.


2. Depending on the diplomas, training, experience and legal authorizations to practice they submit in support of their equivalence application, candidates must enclose the following with this form:


For each diploma or educational program referred to in support of the equivalence application:

  • a complete academic record, including the documents published by the educational institution that describe the courses taken, the number of related credits and the marks obtained;
  • an original and a certified copy of the diploma or the corresponding attestation of studies from the issuing institution.


For all other training activities or examinations:

  • a certificate of participation or success issued by the competent organization.


For each work experience:

  • a certificate issued by the employer concerned.


For each legal authorization to practice optometry in Canada or the United States:

  • a compliant certificate of professional status, duly completed by the competent regulatory authority and sent directly to the Order.


Trouver un optométriste optométriste