Trouver un optométriste optométriste

Obtaining the license to practice


What are the last steps to complete to obtain a license?

  1. Candidates who successfully complete the bridging program and want to begin practicing optometry must fill out and submit the application form for registration on the Roll (Formulaire de demande d’inscription au Tableau) to the Order at least one month before the date on which candidates plan to begin practicing.

  2. This form must be accompanied by the required professional dues payment. Candidates must have also taken the necessary steps to obtain professional liability insurance coverage (see the Association des optométristes du Québec).

  3. When these documents have been received and all requirements have been met, the confirmation of registration on the Roll and the permits to practice optometry will be mailed to optometrists.

  4. Once optometrists are registered on the Roll of the Order, the Order will forward the necessary information and confirmations to the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). From that point on, optometrists will obtain information about their remuneration from the RAMQ. Fees will be paid retroactively, where appropriate, based on the date of registration on the Roll (which is generally the date of the swearing-in ceremony).



Candidates must submit to the Order, by mail or in person, the form for registration on the Roll (Formulaire d’inscription au Tableau) and the required payment, including confirmation of professional liability insurance coverage.

Trouver un optométriste optométriste