Review of my file

Description of the analysis process

  1. All equivalence applications are first evaluated by the secretary of the admissions committee, who makes sure that the file is complete before forwarding it to the admissions committee for review.
  2. If the file is complete, it is then forwarded to the admissions committee, which evaluates the equivalence of the diploma or training and recommends a bridging program, where appropriate. The recommendation for bridging program is usually preceded by the completion of a placement test (this test is not usually required for graduates and optometrists in Canada and the United States, nor for graduates from France having completed a Master 2 at the ÉOUM).
  3. Next, the admissions committee makes a recommendation to the executive committee, which renders a decision.


Useful information


How long will it take to complete the analysis process?

A copy of the decision is sent to candidates by mail within 4 to 6 weeks and by e-mail within 30 days of the date on which it was rendered.

The answer specifically includes the following:

  • the decision rendered;
  • the bridging program (see the “Optometry bridging program” section);
  • the process for submitting a request to review a decision and the related deadlines.


Useful information