French knowledge requirements

Appropriate knowledge of French

  • In accordance with the Charter of the French Language, the Ordre des optometrists du Québec may only issue a permit to practice optometry to individuals who have appropriate knowledge of French.
  • Generally speaking, individuals who have completed their secondary and postsecondary education in French are, under certain conditions, presumed to have appropriate knowledge and may be issued a regular permit to practice.
  • Otherwise, only a temporary permit to practice (valid for one year, but renewable) may be issued.

Renewing the temporary permit

The conditions for renewing a temporary permit are the following:

  • A temporary permit may be renewed only three times, with the authorization of the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF).
  • The OQLF grants authorization only if it feels that the public interest warrants it (letter from an employer in Quebec in support of the candidate).
  • Candidates may only apply for a renewal if they have sat for the examinations held by the OQLF, before their permit expires.

Success of the French Examinination

  • Candidates who pass the French examination and gain authorization from the OQLF are issued a regular optometry permit by the Order.
  • Information on the French courses offered to candidates is available on the OQLF Web site.